We are an FBO with National and International scope

We take care of coordinating and directing air operations in the exclusive private sphere to offers our clients a complete service.

Why choose us?

Luxury and Comfort

Fly should be time to rest from everyday life, we will make your flight a pleasant space of absolute tranquility.


Fly in harmony is the definition of safety, the operational safety and security of our passengers is the sum of a series of aspects that are not seen simply, at loyalty aviation we make sure to provide highly efficient operations.

Wide Capacity Jets

The performance of our aircraft are exclusive in compliance with the development of operations required by our customers.

Crew with Extensive Experience

Our crew and staff will make you feel safe and confident in how we carry out the procedures for the development of your flight, because for us you are the priority.

We offer Private Jets for leisure or leisure time entertainment and Business.

Jet Charter

Our aircraft will provide you with safety and comfort, at Loyalty Aviation we adapt to your wishes and needs, we also provide you information of interest for an intelligent choice of our aircraft and additional services.

Charter Flight and Regular Flight

Unlike regular flights, private aviation does not have a pre-established itinerary or destinations, with this we make the client feel free to establish their conditions and requirements for the development of the flight, in private aviation we make every moment count, until we get a smile from each of our clients, who make each promotion possible at Loyalty Aviation.

Know us

We operate from our own offices to provide you with the best service.


Aviation Fuel

We have Jet-A1 and AV-GAS Fuel Supply, quantities of US Gal necessary for the development of your private, commercial or cargo operations.


We coordinate and direct the necessary ground support services to facilitate your operations and guarantee your safety, speed and comfort.

Aircraft Charter

We provide a variety of aircraft, selection based on operational safety and enjoyment of our customers. In addition, advice will be provided to select the appropriate aircraft for your operation.

Overflight Permits

We take care of managing the relevant documents for your flight, we coordinate international overflight permits to facilitate your operation.